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Jules Porier par Ludovic Baron 2018 5_edited.jpg


Portrait Eva Langoria by Ludovic Baron ok cannes 2017.jpg

Eva Langoria

"An accomplished and radiant woman, uniting strength and elegance to inspire future generations."

Portrait Rayane Bensetti by Ludovic Baron 70x50 WEB_edited.jpg

Rayane Bensetti

"Charm and grace embodied, an infectious energy that lights up the screen and captivates hearts."

Heloise Martin

"An authentic and endearing actress, who, through her roles, reminds us of the beauty of self-acceptance."

Heloise Martin portrait par Ludovic Baron 2016 3 web.jpg

justin bieber

"Behind the bad boy appearance is a determined and generous artist, proving that growth and change are possible for all of us."

Portrait Patrice Laffont 2 - Le 8eme lion studios - 70x50 WEB_edited.jpg

Patrice Lafont

"The emblematic face of French television, whose reassuring and warm presence has marked generations."

Lara Fabian

"A haunting and powerful voice, resonating with passion and emotion, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries."

Bradley Will Simpson

"The passion and energy of a determined artist, propelling the pop-rock scene to new heights."

Bradley Will Simpson - portrait - Ludovic Baron 2015 WEB.jpg

Arthur Legrand

"A promising actor who, through his talent and perseverance, embodies the future of French cinema."

art portrait de Lea Elui par Ludovic Baron web.jpg

Lea Elui

"The social media star, whose charm and authenticity captivates and inspires millions."

Photo Denitsa Iknomova par Ludovic Baron 2016 10 web.jpg

Denitsa Ikonomova

"An exceptional artist and a generous soul, Denitsa Ikonomova illuminates the world with her charisma, her gentleness and her passion for dance and life."

Caroline Receiver

"A modern and daring entrepreneur, constantly redefining the rules of the fashion and lifestyle game."

Caroline Receveur portrait par Ludovic Baron 2017 1 NB web_edited.jpg

Jules Porier

"A young actor, combining charisma and sensitivity, who takes us on an emotional journey through his performances."

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