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Do you have difficulty standing out from the crowd? Do you seem drowned in the crowd?

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You are missing the best customers, you don't know how to attract them?

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Do you dream of being completely creatively free, including for your orders?

Obtain artistic and financial freedom through art photography in 6 months !



Become irresistible in Photo Art

Learn to infuse each shot with raw emotion and a unique signature that immediately captivates the eye. Discover how to transcend simple photography to create works that tell a story, leave an impression and stand out in a saturated artistic world.



Take your creativity to the top and use AI to your advantage

Boost your inventiveness with avant-garde techniques. We break creative barriers together, exploring new inspirations and revolutionary methods so that every image you capture is a spectacular revelation of your artistic vision.

Exhibit and sell like a Master in the real world and the Metaverse

Transform your works into exhibited and coveted masterpieces. From the art of printing and framing to exhibition and sales strategy, learn how to present, promote and monetize your art with formidable efficiency. Find out how to attract collectors and art lovers, thereby increasing your fame and income.



Build an art empire and triple your income

Build a powerful personal brand and an influential network. I guide you to establish your credibility, expand your audience and forge strategic partnerships. Increase your perceived value and triple your prices by becoming an essential pillar of the photographic world.



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50 video lessons

Available on PC/MAC, tablet and Smartphone. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want, unlimited for 1 year.

PDF updates and summaries

Benefit from PDF updates and summaries for optimized learning.

Success certificate

At the end of your training, obtain your official certificate.

Tailor-made support 7 days a week,

adapted to your own project

Only 8 places per month   !

Don't miss your chance to start your transformation support

Quality before quantity

Join the restricted circle of successful photographers, benefiting from tailor-made support.

Coveted and limited places!


Your photographic adventure will take an incredible turn with “Art Photo Training”. This 6-month program is tailor-made to nurture the photographic stars of tomorrow. My role ? Guide you step by step with support that goes well beyond simple lessons. This is a true partnership: your commitment and my expertise combined.

I am committed to being by your side, to supporting you at every moment until your true talent shines brightly. And this promise can extend beyond 6 months, provided that you are in action and that the work requested is accomplished within the allotted time.

We will work together to not only boost your skills, exhibit and sell your art but also to ensure that your name resonates among the future greats of photography. This is a unique chance to transform your future. So, are you ready to take action?


*See CGV


© Anthony Prosper (3).jpg

Anthony Prosper,
Artist Photographer

"Ludovic is extremely knowledgeable and passionate. His teaching approach is clear and interactive. I am impressed by the relevance of the content taught, which is directly applicable to my work. Each module is well structured, allowing for a logical progression and easy assimilation of information .
This training is a very good investment for me. It is already opening up new opportunities for me in my career."




Marianne R,
Photographer Artist

"Everyone will be able to find something to support their personal project whatever their practice, because this training is a generous summary of very concrete experiences and advice, to which are added technical examples that are very simple to implement.

The modules are fluid, on certain subjects, Ludovic works in front of us without hiding anything about his treatment process. My project is on fire, to be continued!”



What results can I expect from this training?

Learn to develop your unique style and manage your projects from A to Z. Master Photoshop and/or AI to enhance your photos, choose the best supports and frames for your works. Organize your own exhibition and discover the secrets to succeed in selling your photos. With my experience, I guide you to make a living from your art.

How does the training go? What is the exact format?

As soon as you register, an email will give you access to your dashboard. There you will find training videos that I present, to follow at your own pace, as well as PDF summaries for each module. A 'Community' space will allow you to chat with other photographers and access video masterclasses. Meetings are organized from time to time. Optionally, you can also book private coaching with me, or earn it by participating in challenges.

Who is this training for?

This course is ideal for amateur photographers looking to develop their style and understand the basics of a career. It is also suitable for professionals who feel stuck and who are looking to evolve, regardless of their world or their equipment.

In short, if you are passionate about photography and/or creation and want to become a photographic artist by getting straight to the point, this training is for you.

CPF Compatible Photo Training?

I understand that you may be looking for financing options through an organization such as the CPF. However, our training is not compatible with the compulsory teaching methods and the constraints imposed on students by this type of organization. However, we have taken the financial dimension into account by offering a staggered payment option. This flexibility allows you to benefit from our unique program without significantly impacting your monthly budget.

Ready to propel your talent and your career ?

Start now!

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