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You are looking
a framed poster to enhance your space?

Discover high-quality Fine Art posters, perfect for illuminating your interior and bringing a touch of positivity to your daily life. With inspiring designs, they are ideal for beautifying any space and inspiring you every day. Add a dose of art and optimism to your life with a framed poster ready to decorate your wall.

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I just received my last painting, beyond being magnificent, ❤️ it is very well framed, I took this option which I highly recommend. 👍👍And the super professional packaging, a wooden frame all around to protect it during transport. Well now I have to hang it 😁


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Ludovic Baron a genius artist. I take for example the sublime print received this week on fine art paper and signed by him.
The rendering is incredible, the photo is alive, and the name of the print makes sense ATTRACTION. An art photo with a model in a sublime setting!

Visited November 2022




Superb photos... sometimes unreal... but so captivating... this photographer's dream!


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Pardone.Sublime works and incredible print quality.


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To acquire a work by Ludovic BARON is to enter his universe, it is to accept the Escape, it is to live emotions but also above all, it is to make his interior sumptuous, luminous, and so unique. This young artist has not reached the end of his road …. Can't wait to find out the rest of his story.


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Amazing, unique...
When I look at his works, I look at a painting taken from a dream.
Ludovic uses his camera like a brush, transposes atmospheres …More

Visited in October 2022


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Hello everyone. I recently bought the photo "La parisienne" by Ludovic Baron and I wanted to express my satisfaction. The rendering of the photo is superb, worthy of a great artist! It is a pleasure to look at this photo whose beauty touches me. Do not hesitate to treat yourself by ordering one of these works, you will not be disappointed. I wish a lot of success and success to this artist.


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We received our fine art poster and we are very satisfied with the quality of the painting. The work is obviously very beautiful but so are the finishes!


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I am lucky enough to own one of his magnificent paintings that adorns a wall in my apartment, a splendor that I never tire of. Ludovic baron is very talented and surprises us every day with his creations.


Does the shipping container protect the glass?

Yes, our packaging is robust and perfectly protects your prints and frames, even the glass. your framed poster will arrive at your home in perfect condition.

If I choose the "artist's signature" option, where will it be? Is the print numbered?

For a single poster with signature : the artist's signature will be on the white border at the bottom right,on the front part.For a framed poster with signature : the signature will beon the back of the frame at the bottom right. Although the signature gives a lot of character to your print, there is no number for art posters. If your budget allows and your goal is to invest in art to reap the benefits of the artist's growing rating, we recommend that you acquirea signed and numbered print with certificate.

What type of hooks are behind the frames?

On the back of our frames, you will have two hooks to easily attach your painting to the wall. Nails may suffice for a 50x70cm print. For larger prints we recommend screws for fixing.

If I take several draws, can I have a promotion?

Of course, take advantage of the current 4FOR3 offer! If you add 4 art posters to your cart and use code4FOR3 the 4th poster will be offered to you!(The lowest priced item will be considered the free item.)

Is the "walnut" color represented on the site faithful to reality?

Absolutely, the color and pattern of the frame has been well presented on the website from real pictures and therefore the walnut color is true to reality.(See images on black background in the article pages)

How can I be sure of the quality of the print?

The artist chose to offer museum quality to his customers for his new offer, so he took a lot of time to find the highest quality paper available. The manufacturer of this paper has been around for 430 years and the greatest artists in the world have used this paper over time. Rest assured, the result will be spectacular!

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