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With the right light and the right axis, photography transforms the mundane into the sublime, recalling the omnipresent beauty around us. That's what I like to say.

My works have been exhibited from Paris to New York, as far as Monaco or Montreux... In many emblematic places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Opera or the giant screens of Times Square...

Inspired by urban architecture and human energy, I shape my images by staging my models like cinema actors, all with confident post-production, like a frozen blockbuster image.

Follow my adventures on Instagram @ludovicbaron_art.

Discover the private catalog
large formats signed and numbered

Some collaborations

A collection dedicated to the Moulin Rouge

Since my adolescence, a dream has haunted me: that of carrying out a major artistic project in collaboration with the Moulin Rouge. Today, it is almost unreal to think that I have made this dream come true by signing a contract with complete artistic freedom to tell the story of the Moulin Rouge through my artist's eye. This project opened the doors to a fascinating universe for me, and since I immersed myself in it, I have made incredible discoveries.

My creations are in progress, but one of them, “Vedette,” has already been revealed. This work features Mistinguett bringing his pen to the Moulin Rouge. And this is just the beginning, I can't wait to share all of my creations, especially the one that will present my futuristic and daring vision of the most famous cabaret in the world. 

affiche tout commence à paris - un film de ludovic baron avec rayane bensetti 2022 web_edi

The locomotive classified as “La Pacific”

I have had the privilege of collaborating and exhibiting my works in many prestigious historical monuments. However, in my quest for ever-increasing artistic exploration, I also had the exceptional opportunity to highlight a treasure from another time, the classified locomotive "La Pacific". It was an exhilarating experience to capture the majesty of this ancient gem during a dedicated shoot to promote my exhibition at the Eiffel Tower. This event allowed me to merge the past and present in an artistic and memorable way.

The Stadium Gods calendar

When Stade Français offered me the opportunity to create the Stade Gods calendar, giving me total artistic freedom, I seized this opportunity as an extraordinary chance. It was the perfect opportunity to marry my visual aspirations with an iconic sport, while incorporating what resonated most for me: mythology.

FEED INSTA NOIR couv dieux du stade.jpg
FEED INSTA NOIR campagne caron.jpg

The international campaign “For a Caron Man”

When the prestigious house CARON asked me to design its international campaign while giving me total artistic freedom, I immediately seized this opportunity as an incredible opportunity. It was the perfect juncture to merge my visual aspirations with one of the most iconic fragrances there is. I was thus able to create a captivating visual universe that celebrates the timeless beauty of this iconic fragrance.

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