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With his first NFT photo Ludovic Baron revisits a masterpiece.

This is not the first time that the artist Ludovic Baron revisits a classic painting. After "La Liberté" by Eugène Delacroix and the "Raft of the Medusa" by Théodore Géricault, it is the painting "The Romans of Decadence" by Thomas Couture that inspired the photographer. The Musée d'Orsay masterpiece overwhelmed Ludovic with emotion when he first discovered it ten years ago. He came back to see it, in large format, to think about a modern and spectacular reinterpretation. Inspired, he asked many personalities to join his ambitious project. A top-notch cast that sends a positive message about inclusion.

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Find in the NFT "Soulmates" personalities like Nicky Doll, Barbara Butch, Théo Curin, Louiz, Axel Cv, Adam Nourou, Alexandre Wetter, Arthur Legrand, Héloise Martin and many other See the full cast.

"Thomas Couture's monumental work inspired me with a spectacular creation."


"Because the beautifulenergies have no shape, no face, no color, or even gender, I have chosen personalities thatadvocate self-confidence to convey a positive message about inclusion in my NFT creation "Soulmates".

Ludovic Baron

Barbara Butch , during the NFT "Soulmates" (Soulmates)  photo shoot.

The French photographer artist, Ludovic Baron revealed his first Nft"Soulmates", on the Eiffel Tower...


photo opening ludovic baron art at the eiffel tower may 5, 2022 - webLUDOVIC BARON ART_0069


Nicky Doll


photo opening ludovic baron art at the eiffel tower may 5, 2022 - webLUDOVIC BARON ART_0110
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VR 360


FEBX   invites you in 360 on the Eiffel Tower to discover the revelation of the NFT "Soulmates"  with the famous Drag Queen Nicky Doll.

For a successful 360 experience, connect via your computer or directly on the Youtube application.

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