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After letting my digital works set historical monuments and urban screens ablaze, a new quest now drives me: to offer them a material existence. Thus was born the idea of inserting my paintings in a setting of noble materials, combining cutting-edge technology and art materials.

The choice of materials is not trivial. Wood, marble, metal, glass, are testimonies of natural art, a celebration of the beauty of the world. The combination of these materials with the high technology of modern screensCUBE represents a harmonious fusion between tradition and modernity, between the eternal and the ephemeral.

It's a delicate dance, a balance between digital art, fluid and dynamic, and physical art, permanent and anchored. At this intersection lies the future of my art, a bold blend of innovation and tradition. Thus, I invite you to explore this creative tension, this dialogue between the material and the immaterial, reflection of our contemporary reality.



A singular creation, noble materials, cutting-edge technology


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Each cube turns out to be a centerpiece, a unique unit in its design. By choosing an art material from our catalog, you are not only selecting it, you are dedicating it to your cube, thus giving it your signature. In the same way, by indicating a theme and a color, Ludovic Baron will create an original work for the screens of your cube. Ultimately, the cube you purchase is not simply unique, it is designed specifically in your image, like a crystalline reflection of your uniqueness!

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frequently asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Cube?

The cube, with its generous format, measures 1m in width and rises up to 2m in height, asserting its presence with audacity and elegance.

What is the delivery time for a single Cube?

The making of your cube involves collaboration with top-flight craftsmen and several meticulous steps to achieve an impeccable result. Depending on your position in the waiting list, the delivery time can extend from 1 to 6 months.

What is the acquisition cost of Ludovic Baron's Cube?

The price of the Cube is variable, and is adjusted according to the art material selected and the number of works you wish to integrate into it. Prices range from 90,000 euros, for a unique and personalized artistic experience.

Is it possible to broadcast personalized content on the screens of Ludovic Baron's Cube?

If you want increased customization of your cube, a custom creation can be considered. Depending on the calendar and the inspiration of the artist on the proposed theme, you could benefit from an original creation reflecting your vision.

Is it possible to pay for the acquisition of the cube through leasing for a company?

Absolutely, we offer the possibility of payment in the form of art leasing. However, it is required that the work be visible to your visitors and employees. For more information on this modality, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to benefit from an acquisition priority?

We would like to emphasize that patience is essential. Art requires special attention, time to reach its full finesse and perfection. A work of art, like the Cube, deserves this waiting time to fully reveal its essence.

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