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We are happy to introduce you to the large signed and numbered formats of the artist photographer Ludovic Baron available for purchase. 

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Thank you, we will contact you within 24 hours.

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I have rarely seen an artist with so much talent. Ludovic Baron is an incredible person humanly and professionally.

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How to buy a large format signed and numbered painting by Ludovic Baron?

You can be sponsored by a friend to get a telephone or video meeting quickly so that we can discuss your purchase project and advise you as best we can. Without a sponsor, it is also possible to obtain an appointment, the waiting time will be a little longer.

Does the signed and numbered large format print have value on the art market? What is the rating of the artist Ludovic Baron?

Yes your draw increases in value. The more the artist communicates, the more likely you are to see his rating grow over time. In 2022, the price is between 10K€ and 100K€ depending on the format and the rarity.(In 2013, its quotation started at 3K€)

For NFTs, the rating is valued at 12ETH in May 2022.

How much does a signed and numbered large format art photograph by Ludovic Baron cost?

For a 60x90cm format, you have to count 10K€ against 45K€ for a 400x300cm when the print is printed in 8 editions, all formats combined.

If I take multiple draws, what benefit can I get?

When you acquire several signed and numbered large formats, you are invited to join the artist's private club. Only customers are aware of the privileges of this club.

What is the difference between a signed and numbered large format print and a fine art poster?

Although the fine art poster is printed on a premium paper, the signed and numbered large format has much more value. Printed on ultra-smooth paper, laminated on a dibond plate, protected by plexiglass, signed and numbered with its certificate, your large format photo canvas will increase in value each year on the art market.

How can I be sure of the quality of the print?

The artist chose to offer museum quality to his clients, so he took a lot of time to find the highest quality paper and the best supports. The craftsmen who collaborate with the artist are the best in their field. Rest assured, the result will be spectacular!

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