"From a very young age I created, with an imagination that was impossible to contain. Already at 10 I was writing books, at 13 I was creating comics that my school friends could borrow from the library, at 16 I had already made my first film and organized a preview... It was at 19 that I moved to Paris to make films. finance my first professional short film  "PERFECT" , with which I won the "prize for best young hopeful director" in 2007. It was decided, this nudge of fate gave me had pushed to subscribe a credit to produce my second film "HELP ME". A success with more than a million views on Youtube in one week (20M currently) . A great reflection was then born: how could I create images with a vision, an approach and a universe to match my ambition? I decided to launch myself into the production of art-photographic images exactly in the same way as to make a film with the only difference that the images would be fixed. Here I am imagining stories, making sketches, castings, location scouting, staging my models in the studio, creating special effects and even organizing exhibitions. This approach has allowed me to be able to help thousands of children around the world through the sale of my images for causes, to be  exhibited in more than 90 galleries worldwide and even in many  historical monuments such as the Eiffel Tower , the Opéra Garnier or the Petit Palais . Today more than ever I want to offer everyone who enters my universe a wonderful experience that they will not soon forget."  


Tirages en grands formats sur supports rigides, en éditions limitées, signés et numérotés avec certificat d'authenticité. Idéal pour investir dans l'art et pour décorer un grand mur.

Une tempête à Paris les garçons - danse sur les toits de paris (dans une deco moderne - du

Art-photographies tirées sur papier fine art de qualité musée, non numérotées. 3 formats standards au choix. Idéal pour sublimer sa décoration à prix plus abordable.

Art Photography - Dreams come true - Artist photographer Ludovic Baron web.jpg

Art-photographies 100% numériques, à collectionner dans votre wallet. Idéal pour investir dans l'art numérique, décorer vos espaces dans le metaverse et pour afficher sur votre écran d'art.