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You are an artist at heart

you only want to express yourself and meet your audience?

To succeed in photography, you need a plan! Take advantage of my experience and save precious time.

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Turn your passion for photography into success with a personalized coaching session

Capture visio

170€ now, instead of 400€

I put my 15 years of experience and success at your service! Learn the secrets to breaking into the world of photography, whatever your goal, through a 1 hour video coaching session with me.

You are passionate about photography and dream of turning this passion into professional success, but you don't know how to achieve it? Look no further, the solution is here!

With years of experience and a track record of success, I'm here to support you in making your photographic dreams come true. Let me guide you through a 1 hour video coaching session, where together we will create a tailor-made action plan to succeed in the profession of photographer, in line with your goals and aspirations.

170€ now, instead of 400€

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What you will get during this coaching session:

✔️Precise identification of your objective

Together, we will identify your ambitions and determine the key steps to achieve them.

✔️Proven strategies and techniques

Benefit from sound advice and effective methods to optimize your chances of success.

✔️Personalized approach

An action plan adapted to your aspirations and your situation, to stand out and excel in the world of photography.

Why choose this coaching session?

Proven expertise

I am a professional photographer with real experience in the profession. I realized my wildest dreams by implementing a concrete action plan.

Tailored approach

I take into account the human dimension to better understand your needs and offer you appropriate support.

Time saving

Do not waste time looking for solutions on your own, take advantage of my experience to progress quickly and efficiently.


By booking your coaching session, you will also receive a detailed mindmap of our action plan in PDF format to help you achieve your goals.

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Why 170€? It's too expensive for an hour.

Investing €170 in a personalized coaching session with a self is an investment in your future and your professional success. The skills and knowledge you gain in this session will have a lasting impact on your career and help you avoid time and resource costly mistakes. Compared to other impulse purchases, this coaching offers a much higher return on investment. In addition, the initial price is 400€, so you are making a bargain by ordering your coaching now.

I'm not sure I feel comfortable during video coaching... Is it for me?

My main goal as a coach is to help you succeed and support you in achieving your goal. For this, I make sure to establish a climate of trust and goodwill during our exchanges, by listening to your needs and adapting to your personality. Your satisfaction and fulfillment are my priority. Don't forget that as a photographer, we have within us an essential sensitivity to understand our models in order to sublimate them, well it's the same during a coaching, I think of you and your well-being so that the session is successful.

Is it adapted to my constraints? I'm not sure I can really put in place what will be said during the session.

During the coaching session, we will jointly develop a realistic action plan adapted to your situation and your constraints. My role as a coach is also to support and encourage you in implementing this plan, giving you the tools and resources to succeed.

How will this coaching help me progress in photography?

This coaching offers you a personalized approach adapted to your specific needs, which will allow you to obtain an effective action plan more quickly than if you were trying to learn on your own. In addition, you will benefit from my experience and knowledge. Having already traveled the path you wanted to take, I could give you the shortcuts and warn you of the pitfalls to avoid, which will give you a considerable advantage over your competitors.

I'm not sure my photography skills are good enough to benefit from coaching.

Coaching is suitable for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience, coaching will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop a personalized action plan to improve and achieve your goal.

Is it worth spending $299 when I can learn for free from books and videos online?

While these resources can be helpful, coaching offers a personalized approach tailored to your specific needs that generic learning materials cannot provide. In addition, coaching allows you to benefit from my experience and knowledge. Having succeeded in the field of photography, I could save you from common mistakes and save you precious time.

Is video coaching alsoeffective  only real coaching?

Video coaching lets you get all the benefits of in-person coaching, while giving you the flexibility and comfort of working from home or any other location convenient for you. In addition, thanks to modern communication technologies, we will be able to interact interactively and effectively, as if we were in the same room.

Is the coaching result 100% sure?

Although the results cannot be 100% guaranteed, coaching considerably increases your chances of success by providing you with personalized advice, an action plan and support tailored to your needs. By fully engaging in the coaching process and implementing the strategies and tips discussed in the session, you will maximize your chances of progressing and reaching your goal.

Is it useful if I don't yet have a specific photography lens?

Part of coaching is helping you define and clarify your photography goal. Together, we will explore your aspirations, passions and skills to determine the goal that best suits you and develop an action plan to achieve it. You don't need to have a specific goal in mind to benefit from coaching.

170€ now, instead of 400€

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