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I will reveal to youthe 3 mistakes that prevent 95% of photographers from succeeding in the incredible craft of fine art photography.



Note the appointment in your diary

Find a quiet place

Prepare your notebook


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You can discover my complete program below.

You want stand out in the competitive world of photography artistic and you aspire to become unique?

Would you like to get the keys fordevelop your style personal, master theadvanced techniques, exposing Andsell your creations with success ?

Looking for asimple and effective support ?No complicated term and fed withlived anecdotes in the field? 

portrait de ludovic baron formation

My name is Ludovic Baron, and I will be your teacher

Imagine your life, if you could just follow a guide, which shares you point by point, what really works to succeed in the incredible profession of an artist photographer. 

With an experience of more than 15 years, I have refined a formidable methodology: the 4 C method! (Clarify, Conceive, Charm, Conquer) which allowed me to achieve concrete results and to exceed all the objectives that I set in record time!

Thanks to this unique training, you will be able to apply this exclusive method immediately!  

Thanks to the method

of the 4 C

- I exhibited in these places -








- I collaborated with -


- I photographed -


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Find your universe and become unique into the world of photo art!

Out of photo inspiration? Are you drowning your art in the sea of photographic clichés? Do you dream of a unique style but don't know how to achieve it?

Visualize striking shots, bearing your artistic signature, standing out in the world of photography. Feel the pride of captivating your audience with your uniqueness and receiving praise for your works.

Don't wait any longer, take part in this training for artist photographers. I accompany you in the discovery of your unique style, through new exercises and techniques. Together we strategize to produce unique and impressive photos that will set you apart. Take action, bring your artistic vision to life and create stunning photos.



From studio to retouching, to printing, turn your snaps into works of art.

Are you a budding photographer wondering how the pros manage to work with high-profile models, even celebrities, early in their careers? Looking for the secret to a successful photo shoot?


Imagine directing a photoshoot with top models, then tweaking your works in post-production until they become stunning works of art. Envision your photographs, printed and framed with gallery quality, capturing everyone's attention.


It's time to act ! Join the photo art training. I will show you behind the scenes of a successful photo shoot, guide you through the world of post-production to enhance your shots, and give you tips for printing and framing worthy of the greatest galleries. Take the leap, transform your vision into photographic reality.

Reveal your talent from exposure to sale and take advantage of trends to boost your success!

Do you dream of seeing your photographs exhibited and admired by professionals and the general public, but you don't know how to organize an exhibition? Wondering how to effectively promote and sell your art while staying at the forefront of new trends?

Imagine being able to successfully plan, organize and execute your first photographic exhibition. Imagine the positive feedback and admiration from those who view your artwork, and the excitement of selling your first print.

Dream no more, take action! Join this complete training which will guide you step by step towards the realization of your first exhibition. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and implement effective marketing strategies to sell your artwork. Take the first step to turn your passion into a profession and become a recognized photographic artist.



Discover my secret list ofequipment, software and resources indispensable !

Are you lost in the huge variety of equipment, software and platforms for photographers? Don't know how to choose?


Imagine having access to an exclusive list of trusted, proven resources recommended by a professional. Imagine yourself making informed choices, allowing you to work more efficiently, more serenely and finally see a high quality result!

Do not remain in doubt! Join my training for ambitious photographers and get my secret list of equipment, software and resources. I will guide you to choose the tools that will optimize your photographic efficiency. With the right tools and techniques, you'll be ready to perform at your best with every shot. Save time, join me.

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The complete training
+ your privileged access for life

PRICE €790 excl. tax
 P̶R̶I̶X̶ ̶2̶0̶0̶0̶€̶

(pay in 2,3 or 5x)

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50 video lessons accessible at will

Available on PC/MAC or Smartphone.Learn at your own pace, when and where you want it.


Lifetime updates and PDF summaries

Benefit fromlifetime updates and PDF summaries for optimized learning.


Private Community and Live Master Classes

Meet other enthusiasts in our private chat rooms and attend master classes by videoconference to ask your questions. 

© Anthony Prosper (3).jpg

Anthony Prosper,
Artist Photographer

Ludovic is extremely competent and passionate. His teaching approach is clear and interactive. I am impressed by the relevance of the content taught, which is directly applicable to my work. Each module is well structured, allowing for logical progression and easy assimilation of information. The training videos are endlessly viewable and it's really practical. Special mention for the video coaching with Ludovic during which I felt considered, valued and very well advised.

In summary, this training is a very good investment for me. It brings me practical skills and opens up new opportunities for me in my career. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to develop their skills and expertise in their field.

Pa Ga photo 2.jpeg

Pa Ga,
Photographer Artist

A great moment of sharing, photo but above all human! A clear action plan, the look of the pro is a huge advantage on your way, a step is crossed...


Marianne Reiss,
Photographer Artist

Everyone will be able to find through the modules offered by Ludovic something to feed their personal project whatever their practice, because this training is - not a photography course - but a generous summary and without pretense of experiences and very concrete advice. , to which are added technical examples that are very simple to implement or important points on the new technologies available to us and to the world of tomorrow.

The modules are fluid, on certain subjects, Ludovic works in front of us without hiding anything or almost about his treatment process, and finally if a personalized coaching session is offered to you, Ludovic's fluid and friendly, attentive and professional exchange will help you. undoubtedly to lay the foundations for an effective action plan.

As far as I'm concerned, the project is on track... To be continued!

CPF Compatible Photo Training?


Unfortunately, this training does not support any training organization to date and that is why we offer payment in installments, to facilitate your purchase regardless of your current income.

Who is this training for? 

The training is mainly aimed at people who are passionate about art photography and who wish to embark on a career as an artist photographer. Whether you already have professional experience or not, this support is designed to teach you from A to Z what you need to apply to succeed in this profession.

What result can I expect from this training?

You will learn to find your own style, to be unique! You will discover how to organize yourself, create a concrete project that looks like you, see how to retouch with Photoshop by going much further with your photos and your universe. You will finally know the right papers, the right supports and how to frame your creations easily. You will be able to organize your exhibition and know all the keys to success thanks to my experience. You will know how to sell your photos and make a living from your art!

How is the training going? What is the exact format?

To start, you will have access to lessons in video form. I am your teacher! You can find summary PDFs of each course at the end of the modules. 
Then you will have access to the community of ambitious photographers. They are like you, passionate and also want to create their unique project, their exhibition and live from their art! 

Also, there will be free master classes scheduled from time to time so that you can ask your questions live! 
Finally, you will have access to private video coaching, which you can order at any time (optional).



Ready to transform your passion in occupation ?

Discover all the keys now!

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